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Heading into 2016, it’s time to start thinking about your marketing goals for next year and whether you are on-trend with your current strategies. Opinions on digital marketing trends are complex and varied but the international experts seem to agree on the following four ‘hot’ trends that while not new, will continue to grow in importance.

  1. Content marketing is King.

Content marketing is a growing force in marketing strategy with decision makers increasingly preferring to get information about a company from a series of articles rather than from advertising.

A quote from the Content Marketing Institute sums it up nicely: ‘Traditional advertising shouts at prospect customers whereas content marketing talks with them’. As mobile and social media marketing take over traditional advertising, the demand for platform-specific content is hotter than ever.

And leading the way is the blog – like this one. They provide insights, talk people through complicated issues, place you as an expert in your field and very importantly, a quality blog will dramatically improve your SEO.

  1. World domination for video ads.

Apparently, we are now more accepting of video ads popping up in unexpected places. The popularity of YouTube will be challenged by other advertising platforms like Facebook and Bing. And for the first time, Google will be integrating video advertising into its search results pages. There will be no escape.

  1. Mobile will continue to overtake desktop. 

In 2015 Google announced that mobile traffic finally overtook desktop traffic in 10 different countries. Google also confirmed its search algorithm will prioritise ‘mobile friendly’ websites when people search using their smartphone or tablet.

In a speech to the Press Council in 2015, President of the Business Council of Australia, Catherine Livingstone warned that only 66 per cent of Australia’s websites are not optimised for mobiles, including 51.5 per cent of ASX 200 companies.

It is now more important than ever for your website to have a responsive design and to ensure that any marketing emails present well on smartphones.

  1. Digital assistants will lead to a new kind of optimisation. 

The increasing popularity of digital assistants, like Siri is going to lead to a new kind of optimisation. As they utilise traditional search engines to find answers, it is important to make sure your business information is easily accessible to these assistants, rather than trying to funnel people to your site specifically.

Related to this trend, is the appearance of more companies featuring virtual assistants on their websites. They ‘anticipate’ a customer query, giving a number of responses based on keywords and frequently asked questions.

Worth a mention

Death of single-page websites:Multiple web pages mean better SEO with a variety of associated keywords. A multi-page site gives increased chances to be known for all the things your company does, and also offers multiple site entry points.

Marketing automation: While not new, it is increasingly important to utilise automation to save time and improve productivity on areas such as scheduling emails, managing social media and content.

Wearable technology: Whether wrapped around your wrist or in your hoodie, wearable technology is predicted to rise in popularity.

‘Buy’ buttons: These have been appearing on social sites like Pinterest and Twitter. Google has also confirmed testing of its own buy button.

Tell a good story: As an aspect of content marketing, ‘storytelling’ is about creating a great narrative for your business and/or the people behind it. We are seeing this creative approach appearing everywhere from print and video ads to company reports.

Going into the next year, you’ll want to make sure that your local business takes advantage of these 2016 digital marketing trends. Infodec Communications are experts in blending many different forms of content marketing including original blogs that can form the content of e-newsletters and be used across different social media platforms.

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