3 Brilliant Insights from Digital Marketer Down Under

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Earlier this month, we attended the Digital Marketing Down Under conference, a one-day event that hosted three speakers from Digital Marketer to help educate digital marketers on the current trends and methods in online and social marketing.

While all we learnt would fit into a book, we decided to condense all that knowledge into three parts, the three marketing insights that we thought were the most helpful and actionable.

How to use Facebook Messenger to drive more personal, higher-converting sales

Molly Pittman – “3 Traffic Plays to Deploy”

Molly is the VP and Traffic Manager at Digital Marketer, so her talk was full of proven methods that focused on getting traffic from Facebook advertising. The most eye-opening thing that she talked about was using Facebook messenger to market.

While we’ve previously written that live chat has already shown to be helpful on websites and in sales, Facebook Messenger is the next step. Molly described how Messenger drove higher-than-average conversions because it allowed the warmest leads to easily opt in and communicate with you.

The recommended method for Messenger marketing is to create a “comment to message” post that allows your leads to comment on your Facebook post in order to receive a message from you. Through this, your chatbot will send an automated message with the promised content to your new message subscriber. Digital Marketer currently uses Many Chat, but there are also others.

Molly likened the process of messenger marketing to email marketing – but marketers need be cautious and not overuse this, as messenger is much more personal than email marketing.

Mobile is killing your leads & how to fix this

Justin Rondeau – “The 4 Conversion Levers & 9 Ways to Pull Them”

Justin’s talk focused on a bunch of amazing and actionable tips on how to create higher-converting landing pages and websites. The most insightful part of the talk highlighted how lack of mobile integration was slowing down and even stopping successful leads.

Justin pointed out that from 2015 to 2016, there was a 43% increase in mobile site visits – but there was only a 14% increase in mobile conversions. The answer as to why the conversion rate hadn’t increased at the same pace was due to the lack of mobile-first design and consumers’ low trust in mobile transactions (i.e. consumers don’t trust that mobile transactions will be successful, and still prefer to use desktop for purchases). Whilst there isn’t a quick fix on fixing mobile sales, there is one for optimising lead forms for higher conversions.

Justin’s tip is to take five minutes to adjust your mobile keyboard for lead forms. This includes allowing for auto-fill email addresses, numeric keyboards for phone number fields, and including the “2” and “.” symbols on the keyboard’s front page. Making these simple changes led to Rondeau seeing a 57% decrease in the time it took for mobile users to fill out forms.

The number one thing you need to know about being a thought leader

Marcus Murphy – “Social Selling”

Marcus is the Director of Sales and Monetisation at Digital Marketer, and he spoke all about how to be a thought leader and utilising LinkedIn for sales.

Talking about how LinkedIn is a vital platform for budding thought leaders, Marcus’s best tip focused on the #1 rule that thought leaders need to follow: you have to stand by your opinions and methods no matter what. Marcus said, “You have to die for it.”

Thought leaders don’t have the luxury of changing their mind, and once they’ve built a platform on their ideas and opinions, they can’t abandon them.

The takeaway? Aspiring thought leaders: choose well.