6 easy ways to boost your Facebook following

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At Infodec Communications, we’ve managed Facebook pages for every business you could think of, from local politicians to pest control companies. You might think your business “doesn’t need” an active Facebook page (or even an inactive one), but we’ve seen time after time that people will engage with ANY business, as long as they share the right content.

So here’s our tips on how you can boost your Facebook audience (and therefore your potential client base) in 6 easy steps.

1.      Set up a Google Alert for your industry to get easy and relevant content

This is the best way to keep an eye on what’s happening in your industry.  Stick to easy-to-read, short form articles – keep in mind that some (if not most) of your followers won’t understand industry jargon.  To set up a Google Alert, click here.

2.      Check your most popular post type

Facebook page insights are the best way to monitor what content is working for your business. Under the “posts” section you can see which post type is getting the most engagement. This is different for almost every business – some may find they have more success with status updates, others with photos, and the rest with links.  It’s important to post all three types, but use these insights as a benchmark for which one you should post the most.

3.      Spy on your competitors

Well, not really “spying”, but keeping an eye on what your competitors are posting is a great way to get inspiration on what to share. In Facebook page insights at the bottom of the “overview” section you’ll notice you can choose “pages to watch”. After you’ve chosen your “pages to watch” you’ll be able to monitor their likes and engagement.

4.      Post often and at the right time

Businesses should post approximately once a day on Facebook.  This is enough to stay in your followers’ newsfeeds, but not too often to annoy them.  However, posting less than a few times a week is definitely not the way to go.  The logic is simple: more posts = more engagement, and more engagement = more followers.  As for the best time to post, consult your Facebook insights information. Under “posts”, you will be able to see at what times your followers are most active. If you schedule your posts 2 hours before the most active time, it will receive the most engagement.

5.      Engage with local businesses

What other businesses are in the area? Follow their pages on Facebook and be sure to like, share and comment on their posts regularly. If their pages have more likes than yours, just by engaging with their content you’re opening your business up to completely free publicity. It also doesn’t hurt to contact the business and ask them to share your page on their Facebook in return for you doing the same.

6.      Make your content fun

Just because your business isn’t Buzzfeed or Toys R Us doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the content you post. Don’t be afraid to break out of the usual business-related content every now and then. Even the most conservative businesses post the occasional “Happy Friday!” post – there’s no reason you can’t too!

If that all sounds too time consuming for you, get in touch with Infodec Communications and we can plan and implement an effective Facebook campaign for you.  Contact us today.