Why Australians aren’t following brands on social media – and what you can do about it

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Australians have embraced all facets of social media with open arms, after all 49% of us use it every day!  But, recent research has found only 11% are “very likely” to follow brands on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

So the question that business owners should be asking themselves is – why and what can we do about it?

According to a March eMarketer study from Waggeer Edstrom Asia-Pacific, only about 1.2 million Australians are likely to come across brand information on social media sites.  This is because many of us like our personal profiles to stay personal – that is, we’d rather hear about what our friends and family are up to rather than a business.

With this in mind, one possible solution sticks out.  In a recent blog post, we talked about the importance of individuals displaying their personality on LinkedIn, and this remains an equally important tip for brands on other social platforms.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 Facebook pages in terms of Australian followers.

Take a look at some of their recent posts and see if you can guess why they’re successful.

1. Yellow Tail Wine (1.36 million likes)

yellow tail

2. McDonalds (1.13 million likes)


3. Lorna Jane (1.1 million likes)

lorna jane

Guessed what these brands all have in common?  They’re all personal and relatable. They give the brand a personality, which encourages engagement. People are much more likely to engage with a brand if that brand acts like a person rather than simply tries to sell, sell, sell.

Here are our top tips for brands to stay personable on social media:

1.    Ask questions, show interest

Friends ask other friends questions. They want to know what’s going on in their lives. What better way to give your business personality than to encourage personal interaction with customers and clients? You’ll notice that two of the above posts posed questions, and they both got many more comments than posts which just highlighted a new product.

2.    Celebrate

Is it your business’ anniversary? A staff member’s birthday? Maybe New Years Eve is coming up, or perhaps something as mundane as the weekend!  Whatever it is, get people excited and they’ll engage with your content.  A great way to celebrate a big event or holiday is with a special offer or competition.  Incentivising participation will always yield engagement.

3.    Stay trendy

Keep up to date with what’s trending on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere on the internet. Generally the first place people go to talk about breaking news these days is social media. If your business stays on top of trending topics and posts about them as they’re happening, it’ll show consumers that you’re just like them.  If you can, try to relate the news story back to your business or industry. This will ensure your posts are not only personal but also relevant.

If all this sounds a bit too complicated, let the team at Infodec Communications take care of it for you.  We have years of experience working with clients to produce effective, successful social media strategies – contact us today!