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The power of case studies in marketing

  2.10.2018   Blog Posts

Think about the last time you bought a product or hired a service. Chances are that you researched a range of providers beforehand and eventually selected the business that had

Why storytelling is so important in business

  13.08.2018   Blog Posts

In everything humans do, stories are essential.

Mobile-first indexing | How to make the content on your site Google friendly

  11.06.2018   Blog Posts

It’s no secret that people love their mobile phones.

How Google can legitimise your business and put customers at ease

  28.04.2018   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

A whopping 87 per cent of all Australians access the internet every day. The vast majority of these people use Google as their designated search engine; over 90 per cent

Seven key reasons to update the content on your website

  1.04.2018   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

It’s important to regularly update the content on your website. Though it can be time-consuming, adding fresh content on a regular basis holds many benefits. Here are our top seven

How to deal with haters online as a business

  22.03.2018   Blog Posts

Social media is a wonderful tool for business owners. It allows you to advertise, share content and information, as well as providing a two-way conversation with consumers and customers. Yet

The rise of voice search & how it impacts your digital content

  14.03.2018   Blog Posts

“OK Google, how do I account for voice searches in my digital content?” Voice internet searching is becoming increasingly common. Virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google Home, Microsoft’s Cortana and

How to harness the power of sponsored content

  6.03.2018   Blog Posts

Getting your content seen or heard can prove a big challenge, irrespective of its quality. There’s such a surplus of content that yours can easily be buried in the avalanche.

How to develop the perfect digital persona

  26.02.2018   Blog Posts

While most focus on making strong impressions in person, many business owners and professionals neglect their online presence. Given that 80% of prospective employers trawl through internet archives before an

Mind your tone | Learn how to speak to your customers the right way

  12.02.2018   Blog Posts

How often have you sat down to share your thoughts about your business and expertise, only to be disheartened when the content doesn’t come out as engaging as it sounded

How Facebook’s News Feed changes will affect your business

  24.01.2018   Blog Posts

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook has changed their News Feed algorithm again – and it’s not good news for businesses. The latest update will prioritise posts from

Why choosing to use email marketing is the best business decision you’ll make today

  18.01.2018   Blog Posts

Email marketing has become one of the most essential advertising techniques for modern businesses. Put simply, businesses promote themselves to current and potential customers through direct email messaging. The main

How Instagram can help your business boom

  10.01.2018   Blog Posts

Instagram is so much more than just a platform for sharing selfies and snaps of your smashed avocado toast – it’s a brilliant marketing tool that every business should be

How to effectively use Facebook to elevate your business

  3.01.2018   Blog Posts

Facebook is so much more than just a social networking site. For businesses, it can be an extremely potent promotion tool. Statistics reveal that around 95% of Australians have a

How to use LinkedIn to boost your profile as well as promote your business

  18.12.2017   Blog Posts

Linked in is the premier networking site for professionals. It has over 187 million users worldwide and is one of the most effective sites for building business to business relationships.

Tweet your way to more clients: How to use Twitter as a marketing tool for business success

  12.12.2017   Blog Posts

We are now living in an almost completely digital age. For small business owners, this means social media has become not only a place for updates, but a fully-fledged marketing

Why Facebook’s new split algorithm change is set to take a toll on small businesses

  24.10.2017   Blog Posts

Facebook has implemented a trial concept of splitting user’s news feeds into two different algorithms: separating personal posts from friends and commercial news. The move has reportedly been decided on

Why podcasts are the best business tool you didn’t know you need to be utilising

  21.09.2017   Blog Posts

Back in 1979, The Buggles proclaimed through song that video had killed the radio star. While it didn’t turn out to be entirely true, with radio still continuing on as

How to Optimise Your Facebook Page in Under 30 Minutes

  16.08.2017   Blog Posts

Have you set up a Facebook page for yourself or your business, but aren’t sure about the next steps? We’ve helped many of our clients set up and optimise their

Love Letters: How regularly communicating with clients via newsletters can boost your business

  31.07.2017   Blog Posts

In today’s social media climate especially, it’s clear that business thrives on regular client engagement. With so many different options as to what the best way to engage is, many

3 Brilliant Insights from Digital Marketer Down Under

  25.07.2017   Blog Posts

Earlier this month, we attended the Digital Marketing Down Under conference, a one-day event that hosted three speakers from Digital Marketer to help educate digital marketers on the current trends

Why paid Facebook posts are a must for businesses that want to be seen

  26.06.2017   Blog Posts

Like the Nutri-Grain slogan says, you only get out what you put in. In terms of reach on Facebook for businesses, this rings especially true. In 2017, the effects of

How to build your brand using content marketing

  20.06.2017   Blog Posts

If you’re wondering why you’re not increasing your sales or site traffic, then we’re about to solve your problem. Does your brand or company have a personality? Why should you

8 content marketing trends for 2017 that you need to know

  24.01.2017   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

A new year means new trends in the world of Content Marketing. Recognising these trends and understanding them will separate your content from the overwhelming mass of content this is

Native Advertising | Can small business take advantage of this trend?

  13.12.2016   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

Is native advertising a worthwhile marketing approach for small business or is it something that should be left to the big brands? ‘Native Advertising’ is a marketing approach that you

Thinking about your end of year message to clients? Here are our tips.

  8.12.2016   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

Your end of year message is your final punch for the year, the message that will stick in customer’s heads as they enjoy the holiday break.  Deciding how you’re going

Listicles- What are they and how can they help your business?

  20.11.2016   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

A listicle, much like a cavoodle or jazzercise, conjures up notions of fun and frivolity. A portmanteau derived from the terms ‘list’ and ‘article’, listicles have reached saturation point thanks

Over 10 brilliant ways to engage your audience

  26.10.2016   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

More than 10 ways to better engage YOUR audience. How BIG brand social media practices can be used by smaller ones in the pursuit of BIG results. We’ve been in the

How to Develop a Content Calendar

  23.09.2016   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

There is no doubt that in 2016 content remains king and a very relevant and important element of your marketing mix. Google loves fresh stories, so every time you offer

Ugly social media comments: how to develop a PR crisis management plan that works

  26.06.2016   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

Social media is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful way to interact and engage with current and prospective customers in 2015. With over 13.6 million Facebook