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Are you taking advantage of new PR opportunities?

  6.08.2014   Uncategorized

The face of public relations has changed forever. In 2014 we consume and interpret information in very different ways to how we did fifteen, ten or even five years ago.

Slicing the content pie: Tips for traffic hungry SMEs

  4.08.2014   Uncategorized

Content marketing is now a must for all business owners who want to boost their online presence, grab the best organic ranking and show they are engaged experts in their

Social shopping is coming: reports Facebook will introduce the BUY NOW button

  22.07.2014   Uncategorized

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest on the big players in social media and e-commerce, you’ll already be aware of Twitter’s recently introduced #AmazonCart which has allowed its

Effective email marketing tips for chiropractors

  16.07.2014   Uncategorized

Over the past several years the public attitude towards the chiropractic sector and the legitimacy of the health benefits it can deliver has resulted in chiropractors becoming highly competitive in

Owned media channels the way of the future for all business marketing

  15.07.2014   Uncategorized

In a recent report released by the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) in partnership with the consultancy group PwC, it was found that 67% or two thirds of marketers were shifting

The importance of being LinkedIn: build your Company Page right

  2.07.2014   Uncategorized

LinkedIn is the social media epicentre for the business world. To date, over 3 million businesses have company pages on LinkedIn.  Over 150 different industries are represented and 1,275,000 products

Thinking of hiring a copywriter? Questions you should ask.

  30.06.2014   Uncategorized

Years ago copywriters worked for advertising agencies like the one featured in the hit TV series Mad Men.  They worked on branding and advertising ideas putting together snappy and persuasive

World Cup social media – the best interactive measurement tools and more

  27.06.2014   Uncategorized

Here are some great interactive world cup social media measurement tools that you must check out or play with when you are supposed to be doing something else. Here are

5 BIG stuff ups in communications history

  18.06.2014   Uncategorized

We’ve all been in relationships where communication can be an issue, it goes with the territory—your partner just isn’t you. Communications experts are in the business of clearing away the

Is Google+ the best platform for SMEs? ……we think so.

  3.06.2014   Uncategorized

With over 500 million users and 925,000 new users daily, Google+ is the second largest social network. While it is often overlooked and misunderstood, there is no denying that it is

10 reasons why you should enter business awards and how to go about it

  21.05.2014   Uncategorized

Many large corporations, government bodies and business groups support or organise small business award nights to show their support for small business owners that operate in their area or sector.

The importance of focusing on ‘news’ not ‘sales’ in your newsletter

  15.05.2014   Uncategorized

Nobody likes that friend who only gets in contact with you when they want a lift home. Just like in our personal relationships, it’s not good enough in this era

#AmazonCart: Amazon & Twitter deliver even faster online shopping

  7.05.2014   Uncategorized

Online shopping and influencer marketing will break new ground this week with Twitter’s unveiling of #AmazonCart. In the competitive world of online shopping where it’s paramount to deliver access to

Effective business letter writing [INFOGRAPHIC]

  2.05.2014   Uncategorized

  To go with our recent blog post, here’s an easy-to-follow guide on creating successful business letters.

Use the news cycle to your advantage – 5 communications tips for small business

  30.04.2014   Uncategorized

This blog post is based on some communications tips that I shared on the show on Eagle Waves Radio today. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here: Media

Be persuasive: the art of letter writing

  23.04.2014   Uncategorized

While letter writing may have taken a back seat to social media the letter is not dead. Here are our tips on crafting a letter that gets noticed and creates

The fast facts: Australian SMEs and online growth in 2014

  16.04.2014   Uncategorized

We know that the internet continues to evolve and that taking a business online will increase exposure, but two thirds of Australian small and medium-sized businesses still haven’t invested in

Some useful info about infographics

  14.04.2014   Uncategorized

Did you know that 90% of information received by the human brain is visual?   It comes as no surprise that the popularity of infographics has soared over the past few

You have online influencers. Who are my online influencers? Wait, what are online influencers?

  8.04.2014   Uncategorized

Most businesses understand the necessity of communicating their brand through more traditional marketing channels such as print and TV advertising, but since the indisputable rise of the social media juggernauts

LinkedIn’s new changes – what do they mean for your business?

  7.04.2014   Uncategorized

LinkedIn has recently jumped on the content marketing bandwagon. The social network for professionals has made a few changes to let brands know how effective their content is. The Content

Facebook – brand tagging and page insights tweaks good news for SMEs

  14.03.2014   Uncategorized

It’s no secret that Facebook is continually tweaking the way that users and customers interact with the platform. You may have noticed a few small changes on Facebook recently,  especially

Email marketing tips to improve open rates

  5.03.2014   Uncategorized

Did you know that there are 3 billion active email accounts which is more than the amount of active Facebook and Twitter accounts combined? Companies are often disappointed when they

Creative industries in the Australian workforce

  25.02.2014   Uncategorized

Creative industries employ 6.2% of the total Australian workforce – that’s over 600,000 people, up 19% from 2006. While it may not sound like a lot, creative industries are responsible

Content Marketing Budgets on the Rise in Australia

  21.02.2014   Uncategorized

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) has just released its 2014 Senior Marketer Monitor. The report, which surveyed over 260 marketers has found some exciting trends for the year ahead in content

Australia’s love of multi-screen content viewing a huge opportunity for SMEs [INFOGRAPHIC]

  18.02.2014   Uncategorized

Australians of all ages love their technology.    In fact, we have some of the highest rates of technology penetration in the world.   So it comes as no surprise that recent

Online Aussies: how we spend our time on the internet

  14.02.2014   Uncategorized

Here’s an interesting chart from Comscore analysing how Australians spent their time online in 2013 that says it all. If you condensed a month’s typical internet use into an hour,

Google’s Hummingbird: What it means for your website ranking

  10.02.2014   Uncategorized

Towards the end of last year, Google marked its 15th birthday with the release of a new search algorithm called “Hummingbird”. It’s extremely likely that you won’t have even noticed

Facebook’s new Paper app and what it means for you

  3.02.2014   Uncategorized

It might be difficult to believe, but Facebook is rapidly approaching its 10th birthday. Far from slowing down, Facebook Creative Labs have developed a new iOS app named Paper to

Communications needs are being increasingly outsourced by SMEs, new ACMA report shows

  27.01.2014   Uncategorized

A new report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Australian SMEs in the digital economy highlights that while SMEs lag behind larger businesses in relation to digital marketing

Rudyard Kipling, storytelling and content marketing in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

  27.01.2014   Uncategorized

British author and poet Rudyard Kipling wrote long ago that ‘If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.’    That’s because emotive stories engage readers