Why choosing to use email marketing is the best business decision you’ll make today

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Email marketing has become one of the most essential advertising techniques for modern businesses. Put simply, businesses promote themselves to current and potential customers through direct email messaging. The main idea is to further the relationship between merchant and client and encourage repeat business, or to acquire new customers. There are a wide variety of methods used to achieve these outcomes.

Compared to traditional marketing methods, email marketing holds many distinct advantages. Firstly, the rate of exposure is much higher than other techniques; studies show that over half of all internet users check their email at least once per day. It also provides bulk-mailing in a split second, scheduled automatic mailing, creative templates, personalised messages, read receipts and an exact return on investment. Best of all, it’s comparatively very cheap.

Like anything, though, it isn’t quite as straightforward as it sounds.

The difference between good and average email marketing is staggering and makes a huge difference to the result achieved.  Here are our tips!

Template tailoring to your taste

There is a smorgasbord of different marketing platforms that appeal to different business models. Generally, MailChimp works best for small to medium set-ups due to its usability, but there are other platforms so it’s worth checking them out.

MailChimp also includes a wide variety of templates, both pre-set and customisable. Templates are crucial to the success of email marketing; it’s what will first draw the customer in. You can choose from an array for colours and layouts that best represent your business, and can edit them to include your company logo and other personalised details.

Great content

It goes without saying that in order to engage readers, your content needs to be fresh and interesting. It makes complete sense to often send out emails that don’t contain direct sales advertising and instead are filled with content related to your field. This works for two reasons: one, it positions your business as an expert in the industry and enhances your standing in the eyes of readers, and two, a wider interest in your content naturally makes for higher opening rates – meaning that when you do send sales advertisements, more people will see them and take action.

If creating regular original content sounds like a lot to add to your plate, you can engage us to do it for you. Our newsletter-style content has worked wonders for many clients and can do the same for you. Newsletters give a great snapshot of what’s happening in your world, provide real value in the form of industry knowledge and make customers feel as though they are in your inner circle.

It’s important to remember that when you are sending sales material to be upfront about it. Sticking sales offers throughout your content can come across as irritating, so be honest and don’t over-do it.

Creating a network

Of course, to be able to start email marketing with real success, you need to have a large mailing list to maximise your exposure.

Social media is a brilliant place to start connecting with others, as are networking events. Adding an “opt-in for email updates” box on your website is another great way to add to your list.

Who does email marketing work for?

So, what’s the best thing about email marketing? It gives EVERYONE a chance to succeed. Whether your business is big or small, bricks-and-mortar or online based, anyone can be an email marketing star.

If you build a network for your mailing list, write in an engaging manner and provide relevant, interesting content, then you will benefit from email marketing tenfold. Here at Infodec Communications, email marketing is one of our fortes. We return well above average open rates on emails for our clients and create exciting, inspired content to engage all readers.  So, get in touch with us today.