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Content marketing spend is set to skyrocket in Australia in 2015. Big business has been on board the content train for a number of years now and SMEs are due to pick up the pace.

The B2B 2015 Content Marketing Benchmarks report has some interesting figures to get you thinking.

Infographics are more popular this year than last year, with content marketers claiming a 62% usage figure over last year’s 51%. Some 94% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn as their preferred social media platform. The rate at which content is published has always been essential to the discipline—42% of content marketers in 2015 are publishing content daily or at least weekly.

We’ll get into our personal predictions for 2015 shortly, but first, let’s get a few essential things straight.

Are you up to speed with the power of content?

Content marketing is the process of creating informative and valuable information specific to a well-defined and clearly understood target audience.

By offering informative content (blog posts, video tutorials, Facebook posts or guides etc.), content marketing aims to generate positive consumer interaction, building trust and positive impressions for a brand.

In a time where consumers consult online sources before making the simplest of purchase decisions, effective content marketing provides customers with the assurance and confidence they demand. Content marketing aims to go a step beyond the more traditional forms of marketing and advertising by developing a meaningful, trustful relationship with the consumer.

So where is content marketing in 2015?

Content marketing in 2015, just like in 2014, is going from strength to strength. Why? It’s simple. Because the tools that the process relies upon are growing in popularity—they’re literally at the fingertips of the consumer for hours each day.

In research provided by Wyzowl earlier this year, 70% of marketers said social media is the most effective marketing tool. With Facebook (13,600,000 Australians), YouTube (13,100,000 Australians), Instagram (4,000,000 Australians) and Twitter (2,791,300 Australians) engaging content has never had such an audience. As content marketing messages become far more common, only the most creative content will rise above the clutter.

Outreach will be the key to success.

A staggering 80% of content marketers fail to publish content across multiple platforms.

Good, engaging content takes a lot of research and consideration. It’s essential that the content produced is published across as many platforms as possible, enhancing reach and impressions upon consumers. This year will see content marketers publishing messages across many more platforms, including a variety of social media channels, influencer blogs and websites.

Effective content marketing is about stimulating conversations about a brand. It’s all about engagement. In 2015 the name of the game is more content, better stimuli and greater reach.

The art of embedded advertising will thrive.

This will come as no surprise – advertorials have been around for quite a while now, just not so much online.

You may remember an interesting example we used in one of our blogs from December, Paid news: is sponsored content advertising or a news story? Where a story that featured in the Mail Online was ‘sponsored’ or simply payed for by the British Government. Not only are the big newspapers like The New York Times making millions from sponsored content, online publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post and BuzzFeed are all reaping the rewards—a hefty sum that is expected to exceed $3.4 billion in 2018.

As the traditional banner ad becomes more and more redundant in 2015, the art of writing engaging, enjoyable content with a masterfully integrated advertising message will become much more valuable.

The value of content marketing is in the consumer interaction it sparks, the conversations around the water cooler it inspires. Traditional advertising, in this area, simply falls short.

SEO as we knew it is dead. Effective content marketing will drive any brand or business towards higher ranking.

Google now takes social media signals into account like never before. In order to determine whether content is A: relevant B: of quality C: engaging and D: unique, it looks at things like the number of comments left below a blog post, how many people are clicking on a Facebook like button, the number of views on YouTube, favourites and retweets on Twitter, etc. The list goes on and on.

This year will see SEO practice go hand-in-hand with the production of unique and engaging content.

The brands and businesses with the best Google rankings will have the greatest online presence, across a number of platforms. Their social media channels will be updated with new content once or twice daily, encouraging relevant and sustained conversations.

Andy Warhol perhaps summed it up best when he said that he never cared to read what the critics said in the newspapers about him, he just counted the number of lines.

Influencers will continue to drive popular opinion.

The years that celebrities only appeared on television, radio, in the newspapers or on the sports fields are well and truly gone.

Online influencers, whether they are bloggers, YouTube personalities or tech-innovators will drive popular opinion like never before. The most popular YouTube personality is the rather unlikely PewDiePie—a 25 year old Swede who promotes electronic entertainment products by simply using them and sharing his experiences via video. He currently has over 35,165,000 subscribers and is considered by the majority in the gaming industry as an essential marketing tool in 2015.

This type of organic marketing that engages consumers with entertaining and informative content rather than traditional means of advertising is already being applied to a number of industries.

For example:

The Kingswood Sports Centre in Sydney uploads how-to videos on YouTube for preparing or ‘knocking-in’ and oiling cricket bats. The band Arcade Fire last year asked fans to send in photos of their experience during the band’s Reflektor tour—encouraging consumer engagement and interaction whilst marketing the Arcade Fire experience with Facebook.

Content marketing budgets will skyrocket—so too will the level of quality content required.

The B2B 2014 Content Marketing Benchmarks report found that 58% of content marketers are planning to increase their budgets throughout 2015. Of this number, the report showed that 10% are planning to increase budgets significantly—reflecting the growing effectiveness of carefully considered, expertly crafted content.

This year will see more content online, from whitepapers and blog posts to syndicated content, videos, case studies and mobile-specific material. Demand will see the content marketing discipline explode over the coming months—it sure is an exciting time to be in communications.

Lost for words?

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