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Contrary to some reports, the brochure is not dead!

Recently, I visited a new client who was interested in upgrading their website. In the reception area, I was surprised to see that this team of passionate professionals presented their corporate information as a black and white word document stapled together.

Even in this digital age where websites and emails take marketing precedent, the humble brochure still packs a ‘first impressions’ punch fostering brand recognition and credibility.

According to the 2014/2015 Australasian Catalogue Association Industry Report, 83% of Australians take catalogues, brochures and leaflets into their home, while 77% say they read them. Australians aged 50+ are the strongest consumers with 77% reading printed catalogues and 9% viewing online, but more surprisingly 57% of 14–24 year old Australians read printed catalogues.

Whether it is a leave-behind for meetings, conferences or tradeshows or part of a letterbox campaign, a printed brochure or leaflet gives prospective clients a quick overview of your services and products. With smart copywriting and sharp design, a brochure is a powerful drawcard and an essential component of any marketing campaign.

In defence of the brochure

  • Unlike a website which gives an overview of company services, a brochure allows you to focus on a target market, a particular service area or even a specific client.
  • Like the business card, it’s always there to be handed out when opportunity knocks …Internet access may not always be available.
  • You control the message with readers taking a more traditional approach of left to right; up and down. Website users jump around content, ‘skim’ information, and read in an ‘F-pattern’ favouring the left-side of the page. And they don’t stay on for very long.
  • Receiving something interesting in the mail is still appealing – more so these days because there is less of it. It’s easy to delete emails but at least with something printed, there is a better chance of it being noticed.
  • Depending on your business, customers can sometimes be wary of online vendors and may prefer to choose a ‘real, local’ business. A brochure shows that you have the resources to create outstanding work and build confidence in your company.
  • It’s cost effective. There are numerous options like paper weight, shape and finish that you can be customised to any budget. You are getting a versatile marketing tool printed for under $500.

5 tips for better brochures

beautiful Teri-fold brochure design element vector illustration.

  1. Follow the ‘ABC’ of copywriting: accurate, brief and clear. Don’t let your brochure sound impersonal – write in the 2nd person, i.e. ‘you’ and ‘yours’ to connect with your reader. Outline benefits and solutions rather than a boring history about the company and its values. Consider investing in a professional copywriter who will be able to present your message in a creative and effective way.
  2. Pay attention to design. You need something that appeals to your potential audience and that portrays your company in a professional manner.
  3. Don’t forget the call to action, like ‘Book now’ or ‘Contact us’. Include a phone number, and map and parking details if relevant.
  4. Include something that will grab their attention, such as an exclusive invitation, a free report or special discount.
  5. Some helpful hints relevant to your subject matter will encourage the reader to keep the brochure and review it from time to time. Recipes work well for longevity but there has to be a reason to include one.

Brochures, just like any marketing tool whether digital or hardcopy, needs to be updated regularly. Whether it is a corporate brochure that’s looking a little tired or a promotional flyer on a specific product you wish to sell, Infodec Communications can assist with relevant and informative copywriting presented in a creative and professional way.

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