Facebook’s new ‘See First’ and ‘Discover New Pages’ updates: What do they mean for business marketing?

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Facebook has released a new button that aims to change the way posts appear in your News Feed.  The app update is only available for iOS phones at this time but will be rolled out to Android and the web in the near future.

The new ‘See First’ button allows users to select online profiles of up to 30 people or pages that they would prefer to see first when they check their News Feed.

It has been reported that this move is Facebook’s attempt to declutter Facebook feeds.

So, imagine logging into Facebook and immediately being shown exactly what you want to see.  If you don’t want to see images that your friends post of their child’s every waking moment then if you don’t choose to see them first, you will only see them every now and again.  Sounds tempting right?

From a business and marketing perspective, the ‘See First’ feature opens a new door for advertising and communication strategies.  It will also force companies to re-consider how, what and why they are posting to Facebook.

At the same time, a new ‘Discover New Pages’ button will suggest pages that people might like based on Facebook’s algorithms.

This latest Facebook development also means that those days of scrolling endlessly through your News Feed to find something you like might become history.  The feature can be enabled on the iOS mobile app by going to: More > News Feed Preferences > Prioritise who to see first > Customise to your hearts content.  We don’t seem to be able to access the See First page yet but it will no doubt come through with the next Facebook app update.

As with any new update there are pros and cons for business.  So, here’s a quick look at the benefits and limitations of these new features.

The Benefits

The general public can now filter their News Feed like never before.  If there are businesses out there that produce content that the public enjoys, now the public can store these businesses in their new News Feed.

Facebook should reveal notifications if your profile or page has been selected as a ‘See First’ profile/page.  If your profile/page has a lot of people selecting to ‘see it first’, you are guaranteed to have a larger audience exposed to your posts in a given time-frame.

The Limitations

Facebook is known for being a social platform where (mostly) everything is free. Small businesses can log on and have their advertisements and/or promotions heard.

A strong use of the ‘See First’ button will have a large affect over time.  Sure, this new feature is excellent for marketers on the positive receiving end.  However, this feature will also ensure that posts from undesired/unknown sources will be pushed further down into a part of the News Feed that no one ever reaches.

There is also a large risk for all businesses. If your page is selected by a lot of people to ‘See First’, your content from here on is extra sensitive. One post could damage your audience’s perceptions of you and cause you to fall down to the unreachable section of the News Feed.

Will Facebook’s new ‘See First’ feature be a success or failure in the future?

Does it widen the gap between small and large businesses? It will be interesting to see the effects of this new Facebook feature over time.


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