How to harness the power of sponsored content

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Getting your content seen or heard can prove a big challenge, irrespective of its quality. There’s such a surplus of content that yours can easily be buried in the avalanche. User algorithms on social media sites like Facebook filter out organic posts from businesses and brands – meaning unless you are boosting your posts you’re likely talking to yourself. To ensure your message reaches its intended demographic, it’s time you invested in sponsored content.

What is sponsored content?

Put simply, sponsored content is paid exposure that is in most cases presented by a publisher, influencer or media outlet in the manner of their usual content in an editorial style. It is used as a means of information and promotion that doesn’t come directly from the brand itself.

Different from native advertising, which is a completely promotional and often contains a call-to-action, sponsored content acts to inform consumers in a similar way to advertorials. By taking yourself out of the equation, consumers are left with a more “objective” viewpoint that they’re more likely to trust and listen to.  Just like reporting you would see on a news site or in a print publication like a newspaper or magazine.

Who hosts sponsored content?

A myriad of websites and publications host sponsored content all the time; in fact, you’ve probably read a sponsored article today without realising.

Most major news organisations such as Newscorp offer sponsored content submissions. You can find sponsored content across radio, television, digital, and print. Here are some examples of what it looks and sounds like:

You’d be surprised just how many publications and broadcasters publish sponsored content, it is definitely something that is on the rise. In a lot of cases there’s a sponsored content or advertorial submission page on their websites detailing their prices and style needs, but you can always email or ring to start discussions.

Which business models benefit from sponsored content?

Both big and small businesses can benefit exponentially from sponsored content. Information is everything in this day and age. Consumers need “objective” information before they make decisions of acquiring services or purchasing goods.

Information that comes from a third-party is seen as more trustworthy and valued. Sponsored content will also show up in web searches long after its publication, making it a lasting resource and selling point for your brand.

At Infodec Communications, we can help with your sponsored content needs. We have newsroom experience and know how to write to different style guides expertly and make the submission process easy and simple through our reputation and contacts.

We’ve assisted many of our valued clients to get placements on some of the biggest and best publications. Contact us today to discuss.