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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has released some pretty interesting research that highlights Australians are using communications technology like never before. The ACMA’s report, released in late November, outlines what it calls the six emerging trends in media and communications.

Infodec AMCA 2Over the top (OTT) services

The first trend covered in the report is the extent to which OTT mobile messaging and voice over internet applications like VoIP are being used by Australians. OTT stands for ‘over-the-top’ services that provide the user with free text and talk time via an internet connection. In fact, the ACMA has stated that globally, OTT message traffic has outgrown the number of SMS messages being sent.

Consumers building their own communications links

The second trend addresses the variety of communications devices that Australians are buying into in 2014. According to the ACMA, we no longer rely on one or two communications devices but, rather, acquire as many as possible with as many different functions and options they allow us.

If one device or service is malfunctioning, there is in most cases another option; in 2014 consumers are building their own communications links.

Wearable devices

Trend three takes a look at the multitude of wearable devices that have entered the market. These devices are accessible by the internet and collect continuous data on all sorts of things from location and heartbeat to the speed at which someone is moving and in what direction, even what is being said or read by the user.

Infodec AMCAMultiple device use while watching TV grows

Trend number five doesn’t come as a surprise. We did a blog on this interesting little statistic a couple of months back. According to the ACMA’s November report, about three-quarters of connected Australians will view TV and browse the internet simultaneously. It’s not uncommon for consumers to be engaged with two, three or even four screened devices at one time.

How Australians are accessing news

Number six focusses on how we access the news. Although we are consuming our news from a widespread and diverse number of sources, the ACMA notes that the TV still provides most of us with the majority of our news. Just like everywhere else in the world, newspapers are on the decline.

If there has ever been the time to develop a strong online presence for a business, it’s now. With three-quarters of connected Australians browsing the internet whilst they’re watching TV and OTT communications providers on the rise, the online marketplace is only becoming more mainstream.

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