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A listicle, much like a cavoodle or jazzercise, conjures up notions of fun and frivolity. A portmanteau derived from the terms ‘list’ and ‘article’, listicles have reached saturation point thanks to websites like Buzzfeed.

Regularly, it is dismissed as ‘cheap content creation’ due to its perceived lack of creative merit and the recycled content, yet it continues to draw users in with its accessibility, shareability and relatability- all relevant factors affecting end-users of your business.
So how can businesses effectively utilise listicles in order to attract, grow, retain and motivate their customers and clients? To help you out we’ve have created our own listicle to drive home the hard-hitting facts of this short-form communication tool.

5 reasons why listicles are the new black

1. Rankings are everything – putting the most important point first

Ranked listicles hold value for end-users when they offer a qualitative judgement. It is a powerful tool that can be used to communicate the benefits of a service or product in short, sharp bites. The information contained within the ranked listicle need not be related or sequential, as long as it provides the client or customer with a solid knowledge base that can be used to make informed decisions.

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2. Audience Appeal

Younger and time poor audiences devour snack-sized snippets of information that can be easily shared across various social media platforms. The very nature of a listicle signifies a somewhat lighter approach to delivering content, meaning you are more likely to successfully cut through the clutter of denser articles with a similar subject matter. Altering our delivery of content to meet the desires of our target audiences ensures greater reach and engagement.

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3. Time is of the essence

Listicles are undoubtedly cheaper and more time-effective to produce. Factoring research time into content creation is often dismissed or overlooked, yet it has the potential to negatively impact on the effectiveness and timeliness of reaching your audience. When you have an important and/or time sensitive message to share with your client base, listicles are a powerful way to get their attention and encourage then to contact you.

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4. Variety is the spice of life

As consumers of the mass media, we are bombarded with a number of competing content platforms-whether that be via video-encryption, blog posts, newsletters, social media posts or slideshows. Including listicles in your content delivery strategy is a refreshing way to change up your marketing and communication style and as a direct result, reach a tired audience in need of stimulation.

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5. Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember

Consider the humble recipe book. Complex things are divided into a methodology for ease of understanding. Approach your business the same way and share complex ideas or research in a layperson-friendly format. Your commitment to empowering your audience will pay dividends as they have access to new information and gain a greater understanding of how you can help them.

handwritten recipe

Although the listicle has had its time in the light-hearted spotlight, it is clear that it can be used as an invaluable method of communication to reach an ever-changing audience. The key is to include this short-form writing style in addition to your business’ traditional communications strategies in order to stave off the danger of listicle saturation in an increasingly complicated marketplace.

We’ve put together a few examples of how different businesses could use listicles.

Plumbers: Top 10 water saving tips for summer
Accountants: Six tax effective planning tools you can use to get ahead in the new financial year
Personal Trainers: Top 12 training tips to get your body ready for summer
Stylist: 15 of the Best Ways to Dress for your Body Type (courtesy of Buzzfeed)

If you would like to find out how Infodec Communications can help you communication methods that get your clients to take action contact us today.