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In May this year, Sensis released a report that contained some interesting statistics about Australian’s media usage patterns.

We’ve put together this handy infographic that contains some up to date statistics.  While there is a slight gender difference between device preferences, the main thing that this infographic highlights relates to the fact that the majority of Australians now own one of these devices.

Why is this first part so important?  It lies in the thought of the message you are trying to send to your target audience.  If your website or blog is responsive (and we hope it is by now), each site will organise the content you produce in difference ways once it is re-sized to fit multiple screens.  Take time to look at how your content is organised and how it appears on each device.

While a majority of people now own electronic devices, where are they using them?

We can see that a large part of the time spent on devices is in the living room and the bedroom.  Yet, nearly 15% of people say that they access their device in the bathroom – we have a sneaking suspicion that this number could be higher!

Think about how you are going to shape your content to break through the clutter of the living room.  That’s because TV viewership continues to be strong.  You will often be competing for attention.  That means it’s even more important than ever to develop creative content that engages.

This infographic also highlights social media use with Facebook continuing to be the clear leader.

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Check out the infographic below for more facts and figures:

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