New ACMA research: 92% of Australians enjoy an online lifestyle

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New research from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) compiled in 2014 shows that Australians are now more connected than ever.

The new research shows that nearly every Australian now accesses the internet to conduct a number of everyday tasks, including business transactions and shopping, as well as work and social interactions.

Although it may have once been assumed that only the young were tech-savvy enough to access the internet for these kinds of activities, the research tells a different story. In 2014, 92% of Australians use the internet with 10.7 million accessing the internet daily. Of Australian internet users, 70% are using their mobile phones and some 50% use a tablet. With more ways to access the internet than ever before, there’s been a 97% increase in mobile data use (from June 2013 to June 2014).

So what does this mean for business?

With 10.9 million Australians making e-commerce transactions and 54% of them known to engage with blog content and other written material, it is clear that the online space is fast becoming a real growth sector for Australian business.

With so many Australians now connected and engaging with online material, it’s now more important than ever for Australian businesses to cut out their place in the online marketplace. Consumers are seeking more information about products and services and are conducting more transactions online. With Google announcing that a new search algorithm is due for release, with a view to benefiting mobile-optimised websites Australian businesses will need to reassess the effectiveness of their online presence.

Outside of the e-commerce sphere, the ACMA reported that 49% of Australians are employed as ‘digital workers’. This means that nearly half of the population use the internet to conduct at least some or all of their work.

What is the demographic—who is online?

In 2015, nearly everybody is online (or at least has access to the internet). As is expected, the report showed that Australians between 18 and 44 are the most active online. This doesn’t mean to say that older Australians aren’t meaningfully connected, however. Those aged 65 and over are also connected with some 68% of this group accessing the internet during the same period.

What is helping this upward trend is the sheer amount of ways to access the internet in 2015. Some 68% of Australians now use three or more devices to access the internet and 23% are using five or more.

The report has shown that while 92% of Australians are online, the remaining 8% are by and large affected by either age or income. About 70% of those offline are aged 65 or over and 83% are earning less than $30,000 per annum.

What’s the overall picture for the future?

In short, it’s looking good for businesses with a healthy online presence. With 92% of Australians enjoying online lifestyles, 49% classed as digital workers and 10.9 million Australians purchasing products or services online, the marketplace is undoubtedly in the sways of a significant shift towards the digital space.

Relying on hardcopy collateral and a high-exposure shopfront is no longer enough to compete in Australian business in 2015. With 54% of Australians known to interact with blog content, purchase decisions will continue to be influenced by effective online content.

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