Love Letters: How regularly communicating with clients via newsletters can boost your business

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In today’s social media climate especially, it’s clear that business thrives on regular client engagement. With so many different options as to what the best way to engage is, many businesses are overlooking one tried-and-true choice: the humble newsletter.

The benefits of utilising monthly business newsletters cannot be undersold. If you’re willing to invest your time and effort (or engage someone to do it all for you!) into the creation of a newsletter, the results will pay you back in a big way. Without further ado, here are some of the biggest advantages that come with regularly communicating with clients via a newsletter.

Constant reminders about your services

Newsletters provide regular reminders to your database, always putting you at the forefront of their minds.

Each of your clients will be directly reached at their email inbox, allowing for an unbroken line of communication between you and them.

Nurtures business/consumer relationships

Receiving a monthly newsletter straight to their email inbox makes consumers feel as if they’re a part of the ‘family’, a prioritised customer who is privy to receiving information from you first.

Getting customers to feel as though they are part of your inner sanctum hosts a number of advantages. The more comfortable they feel, the more valuable feedback they’ll provide. They’ll also be much more likely to recommend you to others if they feel like they ‘know’ you.

Low-cost, high-reward marketing tool

You don’t have to go all out on fancy marketing gimmicks to attract an audience all the time. A newsletter will often provide the same benefits of supposed ‘high-end’ marketing techniques, at a low cost.

As long as the content inside is of high quality, you can bet on achieving successful results.

Invites new customers to use your services

While working perfectly as a regular message board for former and existing clients, a newsletter is also a perfect way to attract new business.

What better way to inform someone about your business and what you stand for then by providing them with an extensive look into your services and ethos via a newsletter.  Just make sure that you don’t randomly add people to your database or you will be in breach of spam laws.

Success measurement

Newsletter analytics allow you to measure just how successful your content has been down to a tee. You’re able to view the amount of recipients (and who in particular) that opened the email and at what time, as well as being able to view which articles were the most popular amongst readers.

The level of information you are able to access makes it easier to understand which areas you need to target most, and what’s working well.

The power of quality content

There are a myriad of ways you can promote your business in a newsletter: case studies, client interviews and testimonies, staff profiles, and blogging on relevant topics are just some of the many ways you can fill your newsletter.

With quality content, you can make your newsletter a staple read for everyone on your database, resulting in more exposure and business.

You newsletter acts as a preview pointing people back to your website where they can explore more about you and your services.


Most newsletter curating programs have a ‘pre-scheduling’ feature; meaning a last minute dash to have your content ready is easily avoidable.

You can pre-plan and pre-set your content, allowing for an automatic send-out to your database right on time.

Programs such as MailChimp and Aweber are perfect for starting up a newsletter, and both boast the pre-scheduling asset.

Infodec Communications write content and develop quality newsletters that, most importantly, get opened and read. We achieve above average open rates for all our clients across a wide ranging number of industries.

To start producing your own engaging newsletter, contact Infodec Communications today.