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Infodec Communications are experts in creating engaging content and strategies that help you stand out from the crowd.

For nearly ten years we have worked with our clients to ensure that they get the results they want.

We have many long term clients because we continue to meet their needs. We monitor trends and make sure that what we are producing is on trend, relevant and of interest to our clients’ target market.

Website Copy
We write website copy that is both relevant, concise and SEO friendly.
Blog writing
Infodec Communications writes blogs for clients that are informative, catchy and relevant.
e-updates, e-news & EDMs
Our e-updates, e-newsletters and EDMs get great open and conversion rates because the content that we write is relevant, engaging, persuasive and informative.
LinkedIn Profiles
LinkedIn is the place that people go to find out more about you and your company. Infodec Communications are experts in developing effective LinkedIn profiles that portray the perfect image for you and your company.
Infographics are a fantastic way to share information. We create exciting infographics that get attention. Review some of our infographics here.
Facebook strategy, posts and paid advertising campaigns
Infodec Communications provides topical, interesting and engaging posts for Facebook to enhance client engagement.
Twitter posts and strategy
We are experts in getting your message across in 140 characters or less. We know the hashtags that work and can engage wide audiences with your message.

Brochure writing
We have worked with various clients across different business sectors to provide persuasive brochures that get results.
Newsletter writing
Infodec Communications writes hard copy newsletters for clients that achieve measurable results and action.
Winning Business Award Entry writing
We have worked with clients to get real results with business award entries. One client recently won the Small Business Award in the Shoalhaven region.
Don’t just become a finalist, Infodec Communications can help you become a winner.
Speech writing
Infodec Communications writes speeches for senior public figures. These speeches have been quoted by major media outlets.
Video script writing
We work with clients to develop persuasive video scripts that engage your audience, encouraging them to view the whole clip rather than turning off after a few seconds.
Promotional Flyers
Promotional flyers need to be concise, relevant and informative. Infodec Communications are experts at getting the right balance to get your message across.
We have a great track record of working with clients to develop effective resumes that result in call backs from prospective employers. We have a great track record with resume writing.
Introductory letters
We write concise and interesting letters that grab the attention of your intended audience.
Book writing
Infodec Communications has successfully worked with clients to ghost write book chapters. Joanne Ryan from Infodec Communications was also engaged to write the history of the regional Australia pay TV company, Austar.
We can put together an effective proposal to your existing or intended clients.

Public Relations does not always mean sending out press releases to a mass list of publications and websites hoping that you get some interest in return.
Getting publicity is just one part of a public relations strategy.
Public relations is all about developing strategies to ensure that you or your business are perceived in a way that promotes interest and engagement.
Infodec Communications works with individuals and companies to produce effective public relations strategies that have resulted in media coverage and enhanced reputation.
We write media releases and distribute them to the correct journalists to ensure your chances of getting published are enhanced. We ghost-write opinions pieces, blogs and articles for submission to relevant sites. We can develop strategies that ensure clients attend the right events and are part of relevant conversations.

Business and Technical writing involves the development and production of more detailed documents with a specific purpose.
Our services include:
Tender writing
How many times have you printed off a Government tender only to put it aside because there is too much work involved? Infodec Communications writes winning tender documents. We have worked with clients to win successful tenders including with Federal Government Departments like the Department of Defence.
Industry report writing
Infodec Communications has written industry reports for the subscription television industry and for clients like careerone.com.au.
Compliance Report writing
Infodec Communications works with clients to write compliance reports that satisfy Government requirements.
Competitive funding pitches
Many start-ups approach potential funders to sell their ideas in a concise and appealing way. Infodec Communications writes funding pitches that meet the requirements of the funding body and also gain the attention of judges and decision makers.
White Papers
A white paper is a great way to enhance the professional reputation of you and your company. Infodec Communication work with clients to produce informative White Papers that engage, inform and influence.
Business Awards
Infodec Communications writes winning business awards. We have 100% success rate of getting our clients into the finals and onto the winners’ dais. Business Award entries are often word limited, but Infodec Communications are experts in getting your message across within strict word limits.
Grant Applications
Applying for a grant is often a time consuming process, yet a successful grant can really help your business or community organisation get plans off the ground. Infodec Communications can write grant applications that appeal to the intended audience in a persuasive and relevant way.