Why paid Facebook posts are a must for businesses that want to be seen

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Like the Nutri-Grain slogan says, you only get out what you put in. In terms of reach on Facebook for businesses, this rings especially true. In 2017, the effects of paid Facebook promotion cannot be underestimated as a necessary tool for success.

It’s no longer enough to just produce great content and expect your Facebook followers to grow on their own. This is only half the battle; while engaging content is the cornerstone on which potential followers will be seduced to do business with you, getting them to see your page and posts is the most difficult part.

Organic reach is on the decline. With users typically ‘liking’ more and more pages as time goes on, Facebook’s algorithm filters out a lot of organic posts, in turn leading to a lot less engagement and visibility for organic posts.

With preference given to paid content, those who do not pay for promotion may ultimately be nudged out of the newsfeed altogether, missing out on the eyes of many consumers in the process.

Paid reach, on the other hand, guarantees that posts will be entirely visible and a desired audience will be targeted, allowing for business owners to hand pick a demographic and zone in on it. While organic posts have to rely on a user already following the page or a friend sharing it in their newsfeed, paid posts will be visible regardless, showing up in current as well as prospective followers’ timelines.

It’s no secret that this strategy works wonders, with businesses reporting over a 50% jump in post engagement, followers and impressions using paid promotion.

The price of paying for promotion can be minimised to keep it as focused, streamlined and cost-effective as possible. While some bigger businesses choose to promote each singular post to keep their updates and content current in the newsfeed, most opt to pick and choose which posts will be boosted. This way, potential followers will be able to get a feel for your business or be enticed by a promoted offer, attracting them to your page where they can view the rest of your content, and, hopefully, get in contact with you to utilise your services.

Done right, paid Facebook reach is an easy, proven way to get a leg-up on the competition. With more consumers than ever using business services found in the social realm, being more visible than the others is a trump card. While having to pay for promotion may seem steep initially, the compensation of substantially growing your online reach and followers is a prize too important to miss out on.