Why podcasts are the best business tool you didn’t know you need to be utilising

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Back in 1979, The Buggles proclaimed through song that video had killed the radio star. While it didn’t turn out to be entirely true, with radio still continuing on as a potent communication force into the present, in 2017 it faces stiff competition from the skyrocketing popularity of podcasting.

While there’s a myriad of genres, including comedy, celebrity and sports, podcasts are also one of the best sources of free knowledge for business owners. Some of the sharpest business minds across many industries have taken advantage of the “anyone can do it” nature of podcasting and begun creating their own shows, where many valuable gems of advice are passed down without charge, while their brand and images grow extensively from being heard on a wide scale.

For any business owners looking to improve and reap more success, listening to these podcasts should be a necessity, while producing your own podcast can help attach prestige and respect behind your brand. There are a number of benefits, and implementing a podcast is less time consuming and much easier than you’d think.

With a pair of earphones, podcasts can be heard practically anywhere. It’s easy enough to use free apps on a smartphone to listen to a podcast no matter where you are, such as commuting to and from work, driving, exercising, or in downtime. Listening to a podcast can turn these periods of time from boring to productive: it’s like attending a business class in your ears!

Podcasts also provide a streamlined solution for almost any possible subject you can think of. There are a multitude of finely-tuned niche podcasts that focus on one specific topic. Whatever you want to know, best believe there’s a podcast on it! The same goes for producing your own content; if you have a specialised area of expertise, rest assured there is an audience that would be clamouring to hear your advice.

Believe it or not, despite seemingly being a tool that’s relatively disconnected given you’d usually listen solo, tuning into a podcast actually can provide you with fantastic networking opportunities. Avenues like Twitter, Facebook and email provide direct lines of contact between creators and listeners, meaning that no matter what side you sit on you’re bound to build a larger network and pick up some more information.

There is money to be made in podcasting. While listeners are the benefit free of charge, advertising and content marketing revenue can find its way into curator’s pockets if they can conjure up a large enough audience.

If you think producing a podcast would beneficial for your business, get in contact with us now! We work closely with Eagle Waves Radio. Eagle Waves Radio is Australia’s first business-focused podcasting company, working with brands to create audio content that allows them to stand out from the crowd and positioning them as thought leaders and game changers in their industry.

The platform offers integrated branding solutions across our suite of native audio content as well as the opportunity to engage our creative and production team to produce original, niche content that engages target audiences in new and exciting ways. Boasting a team of experienced content creators from a broad range of business and media backgrounds, Eagles Waves Radio provides an extensive understanding of how to deliver a product that is creative and engaging providing our partners with a return on their investment.

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