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Infodec Communications was in 2014 engaged by Bow Wow Meow, Australia’s No. 1 voted pet insurance provider, to research and develop a large amount of web content for the improved exposure and ongoing promotion of the brand. Bow Wow Meow wished not only to provide high quality pet insurance, but be a centre for pet knowledge and animal discussion.

Infodec was briefed with providing the content that would best engage consumers to inspire more meaningful connections with the brand. Joanne and her team worked closely with Bow Wow Meow to develop a vast amount of engaging content for publication across a number of channels, including in-depth pet breed, condition and disease profiles and informative blogs (reviews, product profiles and tips and tricks articles) for the website, as well as infographics and a variety of social media material for Facebook and Twitter.

Infodec consulted with the company’s SEO specialist, researched the brand’s target audience in-depth and developed and rolled out a robust marketing plan, informed by thorough market research and proven content marketing experience.

The results of Infodec’s work included the development of 85 dog breed profiles, 19 cat breed profiles, 23 disease profiles, 8 infographics and 19 informative blogs. Providing Bow Wow Meow’s prospective and existing customer base with both informative and entertaining social media posts has successfully driven more traffic to the website and improved consumer engagement with the website’s content.

Bow Wow Meow provided the following testimonial.

Infodec took on the task of creating a large amount of breed information and blog material for our site. In all cases, the material provided was always professional, accurate, relevant and delivered in the required timelines. I can highly recommend them. Thanks Jo for such a great job!

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