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It’s important to regularly update the content on your website. Though it can be time-consuming, adding fresh content on a regular basis holds many benefits. Here are our top seven reasons you should continually update website content.

  1. Boost your SEO ranking on Google

Google’s search results prioritise sites that consistently add new content. Generally, a website that updates at least two times a week is considered a frequently updated website. The more often you update, the more chance you have to climb the search results.

Simple things like blog posts or commenting on previous articles on your site all count as updates, so updating twice a week should be an achievable target for most.

  1. Add more keywords

As you post about topics relevant to your industry, you’ll add keywords to your website. Keywords are those that are most often searched to garner website results. It makes sense to cover a wide range of topics in your industry and cover different keywords, giving you a better chance of trending in search results.

  1. Information attracts audiences

Of course, the goal of your website should be to attract as much attention to your business and possible. You can do this by providing insightful content, like blog posts, that give the reader value for their time. If you can teach the reader something, they’re more likely to come back to your site.

As well, providing great information positions you as an expert in your industry and makes you the go-to place for consumers.

  1. Gain links from other sites

With SEO optimisation, your sites posts can easily be found in search results. Often they’ll be found first by websites relevant to your industry, as they tend to punch in uber-specific keywords.

In many cases, websites will link your content in their own posts if it’s informative enough. This will send a wave of traffic your way and expose a whole new demographic to your business.

  1. It’s a form of marketing

Producing content is one of the easiest ways to market your business. Every post gives you a chance to showcase your business and build a relationship with consumers. You’d be crazy not to utilise it.

  1. Constant promotion

As Paul Cookson said: “Websites promote you 24/7: no employee can do that”. Adding constant updates your website ensures you’re being promoted accurately and fully.

  1. You can have a professional handle it

There’s a misconception that a hired content writer won’t understand the nuances of your business or be able to speak from your perspective. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. At Infodec Communications, we thoroughly research our clients’ industries and interview them to understand exactly what they want to convey. We then turn their vision into engaging and informative content that attracts readers

Content writers are also able to see your business from the viewpoint of a customer and appeal to the market more effectively.

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