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What’s your New Year’s communications resolution?

  16.12.2013   Uncategorized

There’s no denying that New Years Resolutions are often hard to maintain. But, as a business owner, we believe that the perfect New Year’s resolution would be to develop, plan and

Apps – why Aussies love them

  29.11.2013   Uncategorized

Australia has one of the largest smartphone penetration rates in the world – more than 65% of us own one, and 77% of those don’t leave home without it. However,

Extra! Extra! Read all about it (on social media)

  21.11.2013   Uncategorized

An increasing number of people from varying age groups are becoming increasingly reliant on social media as a direct source for the latest news and information. Roughly half of Facebook

Australia leads US & UK in email marketing open rates but there is room for improvement

  1.11.2013   Uncategorized

In the United Kingdom B2B sales, sport & leisure and charity have the highest email marketing open rates. In the US it’s education, consumer products and financial services. But, in

Optimising your content for mobile

  21.10.2013   Uncategorized

A new report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that in the three months to June 2013, Australians downloaded almost 20,000 terabytes of data via a mobile device. This

Creating shareable content

  30.09.2013   Uncategorized

Often it’s difficult to think of what to post on your business’ Facebook page – that’s why we decided to help make it easier for you. Recently, marketing automation software

Less than one quarter of Australian businesses are using social media marketing. So, what’s the problem?

  19.09.2013   Uncategorized

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recently reported that only 18.1% of Australian businesses have a social media presence. Yes, that’s right – the figure is less than a quarter

Gmail’s new layout and what it means for email newsletters

  5.09.2013   Uncategorized

It’s never been the easiest task to get your mailing list subscribers to actually open and read your emails, but recent changes to Gmail mean that it’s now even harder.

Facebook’s change to online promotions a positive move for Australian businesses

  2.09.2013   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

We often work with businesses that want to incorporate competitions into their marketing and communications plans. So, it’s both interesting and encouraging that Facebook has changed their rules for competitions

Using Instagram to promote your business – our top tips

  16.08.2013   Uncategorized

Most of you have heard about Instagram. Those who don’t use it probably think it’s solely for selfie-taking teenagers and budding photographers. However, the photo editing and sharing app recently

Young people aren’t the only ones on social media sites. Surprised?

  15.08.2013   Uncategorized

Social media uptake by business in Australia is still surprisingly low. In our last blog post, we reported that 44.6% (ABS) of Australian business do not have any form of

Don’t let your business fall behind

  29.07.2013   Uncategorized

You probably think that in this day and age anyone with an internet connection has some form of engagement online – especially businesses. However, Australian small businesses are still not

What does Facebook’s #hashtag implementation mean for you?

  17.06.2013   Uncategorized

You may have noticed something new on Facebook; Twitter and Instagram’s popular tracking feature has migrated to Facebook – but what’s the big deal? Hashtags mean you can follow any

International Media Trends Report Q2 2013

  27.05.2013   Uncategorized

Infodec Communications recently compiled ASTRA’s International Media Trends Report for the second quarter of 2013. The report highlights distribution trends, financial results, programming developments and more from subscription TV services

Corporate storytelling

  6.05.2013   Uncategorized

An exciting new trend is taking off at the moment where organisations are becoming storytellers in order to boost customer engagement. Both Pepsi and Nissan are producing videos online to

Could you fit your resume into 140 characters?

  29.04.2013   Uncategorized

According to a recent article from Wall Street Journal Online, not only are job recruiters scouring Twitter to find potential employees, but job seekers are also turning to the social

Traditional offline media dominated by digital channels [INFOGRAPHIC]

  5.04.2013   Uncategorized

A study by GlobalWebIndex has shown that as of March 2013, people worldwide are spending more time engaged with online media than offline media. On average, consumers spend around 10.7

LinkedIn hits 200 million users

  13.02.2013   Uncategorized

LinkedIn is now one of the most popular ways for people to find out more about you and your company and also to keep track of what you are up

“Brand Journalism”: Corporations seizing control of their own news

  4.02.2013   Uncategorized

Some corporations are turning their backs on traditional media and becoming media companies themselves. It’s easy to see that self-generated and self-run media appeals to corporations especially with decreasing production

End of year media and communications wrap-up

  12.12.2012   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

Over the past decade there has been a meteoric rise in the quality and availability of technological devices and as a result our digital economy is booming with new boundaries

Online video content services in Australia

  22.11.2012   Uncategorized

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) recently published their report, Online video content services in Australia, outlining the latest developments in the supply and use of professionally produced online

Australia’s increasing online presence [INFOGRAPHIC]

  16.11.2012   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

Just about everything is moving online these days, and so is Australia. As our online presence grows, so does Australia’s digital economy. Nearly three-quarters of adults in our country claim