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Over 10 brilliant ways to engage your audience

  26.10.2016   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

More than 10 ways to better engage YOUR audience. How BIG brand social media practices can be used by smaller ones in the pursuit of BIG results. We’ve been in the

Why Australians aren’t following brands on social media – and what you can do about it

  20.07.2015   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

Australians have embraced all facets of social media with open arms, after all 49% of us use it every day!  But, recent research has found only 11% are “very likely”

Australian businesses & social media [INFOGRAPHIC]

  8.07.2015   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

  In May, Sensis released its Social Media Report. The report features heaps of interesting statistics about how Australian individuals and businesses are using social media, when they’re using it

The evolution of Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]

  11.12.2014   Uncategorized

3 effective social media tools for B2B and B2C that businesses often overlook

  11.08.2014   Uncategorized

Most online-savvy businesses today agree about the benefits of marketing their business on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. But what about the less obvious platforms? It’s

Using Instagram to promote your business – our top tips

  16.08.2013   Uncategorized

Most of you have heard about Instagram. Those who don’t use it probably think it’s solely for selfie-taking teenagers and budding photographers. However, the photo editing and sharing app recently

What does Facebook’s #hashtag implementation mean for you?

  17.06.2013   Uncategorized

You may have noticed something new on Facebook; Twitter and Instagram’s popular tracking feature has migrated to Facebook – but what’s the big deal? Hashtags mean you can follow any

End of year media and communications wrap-up

  12.12.2012   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

Over the past decade there has been a meteoric rise in the quality and availability of technological devices and as a result our digital economy is booming with new boundaries