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Latest Australian communications trends you should know about

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has released some pretty interesting research that highlights Australians are using communications technology like never before. The ACMA’s report, released in late November,

New ACMA research: unlike large companies SMEs failing to see value in digital

  7.10.2014   Uncategorized

A new report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority highlights that Australian SMEs’ lack of urgency to modernise and embrace the digital economy may be to their detriment. The report

Are you taking advantage of new PR opportunities?

  6.08.2014   Uncategorized

The face of public relations has changed forever. In 2014 we consume and interpret information in very different ways to how we did fifteen, ten or even five years ago.

The importance of being LinkedIn: build your Company Page right

  2.07.2014   Uncategorized

LinkedIn is the social media epicentre for the business world. To date, over 3 million businesses have company pages on LinkedIn.  Over 150 different industries are represented and 1,275,000 products

#AmazonCart: Amazon & Twitter deliver even faster online shopping

  7.05.2014   Uncategorized

Online shopping and influencer marketing will break new ground this week with Twitter’s unveiling of #AmazonCart. In the competitive world of online shopping where it’s paramount to deliver access to

Australia’s love of multi-screen content viewing a huge opportunity for SMEs [INFOGRAPHIC]

  18.02.2014   Uncategorized

Australians of all ages love their technology.    In fact, we have some of the highest rates of technology penetration in the world.   So it comes as no surprise that recent

Google’s Hummingbird: What it means for your website ranking

  10.02.2014   Uncategorized

Towards the end of last year, Google marked its 15th birthday with the release of a new search algorithm called “Hummingbird”. It’s extremely likely that you won’t have even noticed

Facebook’s new Paper app and what it means for you

  3.02.2014   Uncategorized

It might be difficult to believe, but Facebook is rapidly approaching its 10th birthday. Far from slowing down, Facebook Creative Labs have developed a new iOS app named Paper to

So, whats new at this year’s CES?

  11.01.2013   Uncategorized

Every year innovators in the technology sector look forward to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the amazing and sometimes funny new products and gadgets that emerge from it. The

Infodec’s low-down on Infographics

  14.11.2012   Uncategorized

You may have heard the word infographic thrown around in the digital domain lately, but what exactly is an infographic? And why should you care? An infographic is a digital