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Earlier this week, the Victorian Taxi Association launched a social media campaign asking people to tweet their “taxi story” using the YourTaxis hashtag.

According to media reports, the response from Twitter users was swift and brutal with people using the campaign to vent their anger about all sorts of situations from being stranded alone to the personal hygiene of cab drivers.

Unfortunately, it also gave the public the opportunity to widely praise the taxi industry’s arch nemesis Uber for its efficiency and lower costs.

Despite the criticism, the taxi industry put on a brave face saying that the whole point was to attract “the good and the unhealthy and the whole thing in between”.

There are other examples of Twitter campaigns gone wrong. How can we forget when Qantas offered luxury pyjamas to users sharing their “dream luxury inflight experience”, back in 2011?

The comments were creative and many but definitely not favourable as it came off the back of months of negative publicity re the industrial disputes that grounded the entire Qantas fleet.

The Victorian Taxi Association has stated it will use the feedback acquired to help improve its services but the lesson is, of course that you cannot make people send in positive stories.

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