The rise of the ad blockers: Why quality content is more important than ever

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September 9th marks the announcement of the release of iOS 9 and with it comes an unprecedented angst from advertisers and businesses trying to reach their intended audience.  Consumers will be given access to adblocking capabilities via a simple download through the App Store. Essentially, this has allowed what was once a niche behaviour to infiltrate the mainstream market and subsequently alter the current climate of mobile advertising.

According to the developer documentation, “The new Safari release brings Content Blocking Safari Extensions to iOS. Content Blocking gives your extensions a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content.”

In a report championing the growth of digital advertising compared to its traditional counterparts, CMO highlighted, “Australia’s online advertising market represented more than a quarter of total advertising expenditure in 2013 and outperformed all other media channels for the year despite experiencing slower growth.”

According to Frost and Sullivan’s new The Australian Online Advertising Market: Year End Review and Market Outlook report, total online advertising spend for 2013 was $3.74bn, or 27% of total advertising spend.  It is a significantly risky investment in such a volatile environment; one that sees mobile as one of the fastest growing segments in the Australian online advertising market.

With everyday mobile users being afforded the ability to block paid content, what are the implications for advertisers? How can you ensure you are experiencing a return on investment via your marketing and communication costs?

The answer lies in the creation of valuable, engaging, high quality content.

Time For Content

Redirecting your advertising budget to content creation is a strategic move which could mean the difference between being a market leader and fading into the background. In a recent presentation to industry leaders, Martin Weigel, the head of planning at Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency, outlined the one noteworthy advantage that quality content has over advertising: the ability to offer something that is perceived as valuable.  In doing that, businesses need to be offering something useful.

We have put together a number of examples where organisations or publications have thought outside the square to provide content that is interesting and useful to their clients.

Direct mail strategies

Australia Post is dedicated to bringing case studies to an audience that is increasingly disillusioned with the relevance and reliability of mail marketing. The Domino’s Pizza case study is a prime example of how similar businesses can see the actual value in partnering with Australia Post for their mail marketing solutions. According to the study, 81 million direct-mail pieces are distributed each year with a ROI of ten per cent.

Advertising Direct Mail Working Concept

Interviews/A day in the life of…

Everyone loves a free pass into the lives of others and interviews offer your customers insight into what you do as well as your interactions with industry associates. The key is to feature thought leaders, industry professionals and well-regarded individuals who can help to add value to your business. This strategy is particularly effective in building awareness of your brand and helps to break through the clutter of your competitors. One businesswoman who creates value for her audience is food blogger, Ella Woodward. Her website, Deliciously Ella, features interviews from leading experts in varying sectors of the health and wellness industry. Regularly publishing interviews on her website builds her own brand and gives her readers added value through her association with known experts.

Q&A written on blackboard

Pre-empt customer queries with blog posts

The majority of business sites have a Frequently Asked Questions section and for good reason. Most customers do not feel comfortable investing time and money in a product or service if they aren’t sure what to expect. Take for example the Australia Electoral Commission website. Their FAQ are organised into dedicated subject areas, enabling ease of use in a notoriously difficult-to-navigate situation. Take this mindset one step further by publishing blog posts that effectually pre-empt these FAQ. Our very own blog posts address this issue and add value for our clients who are able to see, first-hand the value of our strategies.

The introduction of adblocking software via the iOS9 update need not spell the end of effective communications strategies. Rather, it signals an opportunity to modify our behaviour to make better use of advertising revenue through content creation.

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