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A study by GlobalWebIndex has shown that as of March 2013, people worldwide are spending more time engaged with online media than offline media.

On average, consumers spend around 10.7 hours each day interacting with some form of media and 57% of that time (5.6 hours) is being spent online. However, there is a huge amount of global variation in “media time”, with Japanese consumers spending on average 7.6 hours daily compared to 14 in Argentina.

Data shows that China is leading the trend, with people turning to online media 65% of the time. They also consume less TV than any other market but according to the report have the highest level of online TV usage.

According to GlobalWebIndex founder Tom Smith, “Consumers worldwide have increasingly digitalised their media consumption and online now dominates the way they spend their day”.

With more and more people turning to portable devices (such as smartphones and tablets) to get news and engage with other types of media, it is easy to understand why the vast majority of worldwide consumers multitask, using their internet-ready devices while watching television.

News is the most “digitised” media type, but social media takes up around 48% “digital time”, according to the study.

Unsurprisingly, younger consumers (ages 16-34) spend the most time engaging with media and only around 30% of that time is spent with traditional forms of media (like radio, television and newspapers/magazines), compared to over 50% in the 55-64 age group.

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